Historical Listing of Past Region 6 RVP’s

2014 – 2016 Michael A Wolf
2010 – 2014 Vincent R Miller JR, CSP
2005 – 2010 James H Morris III
2002 – 2005 Frederick A Miller, CSP
1999 – 2002 Jack H Luckhardt JR, CSP, ARM
1997 – 1999 James Kohn, Ed.D, CSP, CIH
1994 – 1997 Edward Basinger, CSP
1993 – 1994 Nancy McWilliams, CSP, ARM

If your memory is better than ours please let us know of RVP’s before 1993.

Senators Introduce Bipartisan Voluntary Protection Programs Act

Falls Church, VA – In an uncommon display of election-year bipartisanship, U.S. Senators Michael Enzi (R-WY) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) proposed legislation last week, (S. 2881) to make the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) a permanent part of the workplace safety picture.

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ASSE Region 6 Foundation Challenge Status/Update

We are currently in 5th place – here are the reasons the other regions have moved ahead.

  1. Region III – $5,000 individual donation plus company matched it.
  2. Region VIII – They held an auction at the NEA PDC and donated $12,500 total
  3. Region V – A chapter that hadn’t donated before gave $5,000

Region III company match donation was huge!!

We are actually not that far off pace to get into the top three. Having new members and chapters donate will help us push it through! The Low country chapter donated $700 recently!

Across the region if we were to get around 100 new donors to donate just $5, we could jump up to 3rd place, and with each chapter donating $250 we could move up to 2nd. Both lofty goals, but obtainable!

Why are we participating in this Challenge:
#1 invest in the future of our profession.
#2 The top three regions will earn Foundation program bucks, which can be used to fund Foundation-related programs such as scholarships or grants in their region, based on the total amount of donations raised for Safety Matters:

  • First place – 8% of total amount raised for Safety Matters
  • Second place – 5% of total amount raised for Safety Matters
  • Third place – 2% of total amount raised for Safety Matters

Click here to be part of ASSE Region VI making a difference in our profession’s future
(be sure to designate Safety Matters & Region 6 in your donation).

Full Challenge details: