Managing Complex Change

Managing Complex Change:  “The Challenge of Implementing a Significant Improvement Initiative”

The topic is based on the experience Mr. Higbee has had personally implementing change initiatives and major challenges as well as coaching and mentoring clients through the process during his 45 plus year career.

All organizations can and often do, experience difficulty implementing major change initiatives or major challenges.  When change or challenge initiatives fail or underperforms the organization suffers.  Through his North American Management Institute Division Mr. Higbee and his team have worked in a number of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Major Construction Projects, Electrical Generation & Delivery.

Some of the most demanding activities like startups or restarts, shut downs temporary or permanent, new product introduction, mass hiring and the training required are common challenges in high capital organizations.  Oil and gas has experienced many curtailment and shutdown challenges but the biggest challenge is yet to come: How are we going to manage the retooling and start up particularly the hiring of new employees.  Many of those laid of have found other careers and will not be returning.  Now we have to hire and train employees with no background in this type of work.  The training task can be huge.

Just the idea of a change can cause some hearts to race or at least create heart burn but like it or not things do change.  Quite often things need to change just for the survival of the organization.  The real issue isn’t the act of changing; it is creating an atmosphere and system so the change is successful.  Successful meaning it was efficiently executed and successfully functioning in a timely manner.   We will cover what is required to facilitate effective successful change (5 Critical components).

This session is about how to handle the major challenges we are faced with and improve performance in all facets of your organization.

Mr. Higbee uses his years of experience working with all types organizations, independent and personal case studies, research results and his humor to deliver an effective and enjoyable presentation to start you on the way to successfully improving your organizations performance.

Gary A. Higbee, EMBA CSP
President/CEO Higbee & Associates, Inc.
Principal North American Management Institute
Senior Consultant SafeStart/SafeTrack

Gary has over 50 years of experience ranging from working on the factory floor to upper management.  His assignments include positions in Production Engineering, Safety and Environmental Engineering, Production Management, Corporate Director, Vice-President and President/CEO.

Gary has an MBA from the University of Iowa and is a board certified safety professional. Gary is a past recipient of the Safety Professional of the Year award for region IV of the American Society of Safety Engineers.  In 2010 Gary received the Distinguished Service to Safety Award from the National Safety Council.  The DSSA is the National Safety Council’s highest individual award.

He is considered an expert in Traditional and Behavior Based Safety Technologies as well as Complex Organizational Change Initiatives.

Gary’s book coauthored with Larry Wilson “Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms” was released in 2010 and is already in its third printing.

In addition to his consulting, Gary has published many articles and is a frequent Keynote speaker around the world. His recent topics include “Guaranteeing the Success of Safety Committees”, “Managing Complex Change Initiatives”, “Nine Steps for Changing your Safety Culture”, “Breaking the Cycles of Risky Behavior”, “Predicting Human Performance”, “Frustrations in Safety”, “Five Stages to World Class Performance”, “Visionary Leadership” and “Managing Complex Change”.

Using his over 50 years of experience and a sense of humor Gary has become an internationally known speaker on safety, health, environmental and business issues.