7 Keys

7 Keys to Becoming an Influential Safety Leader

Safety Professionals have the opportunity to influence more people than any other position within an organization. Think about it. Executives are relegated to an office environment and seldom experience the field or manufacturing dynamics. Managers and supervisors have assigned areas of responsibility and seldom venture outside of their area. They may understand the departmental dynamics, but not necessarily how it affects the rest of the worksite or organization.

YOU, on the other hand, have responsibility for the entire facility, region or area. Much of the workday is spent in the field or on the floor (or at least it should be!).

I have identified 7 Keys, which if followed, will increase your leadership and influence behavior in the workplace and beyond. Follow these and lead to success!

Learning Objectives

Attendees will:

  1. Hear the 7 Keys to Becoming an Influential Safety Leader
  2. Learn how to apply each key to influence behavior
  3. Identify the process for continual influence in the workplace

Denis Baker, CSP
Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Mr. Baker currently serves as the Vice President, Health, Safety and Environmental for Osburn Contractors. He has over 25 years of experience in Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability. As a Senior Executive, Denis has established himself as a passionate leader within many companies, organizations and associations. He is a passionate influencer committed to teaching and communicating practical and relevant influencing techniques to create strong effective leaders. Denis has gained his passionate influential leadership style through his the many experiences with both good and bad leaders.

With over 25 years of relevant and practical leadership experience in various industries including: oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, construction and multiple manufacturing settings, Denis has developed a unique teaching and speaking style that resonates with participants and attendees. Denis is a Certified Executive/Business Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker through the John Maxwell. He holds a BS in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).