Near Miss Reporting

Creating a Safety Culture with Near Miss Reporting

This case study will give attendees a road map to set up or revitalize a robust near miss/hazard identification program. The journey starts off with explaining the genesis of this initiative at the City of Fort Collins. In this section we give real-life scenarios, pictures and videos of things that were happening around the City and perceptions that employees had. We follow with the importance of communication and buy-in by employees who feel they have ownership and how to do that through focus groups. Here we pause to give a quick tutorial on how to conduct a focus group. We then talk about the effectiveness of pilot programs and how to regroup when things don’t go exactly as planned, how do you go back to the drawing board, again focusing on relationship and communication and the value of 1 to 1 communication as well. Next is the actual roll out of the plan and how to optimize the work done thus far to ensure success, what can happen to undermine success and how to avoid it. We also talk about what actually happened at the City. Our next part of the presentation is some random things that came up for us – thing we didn’t anticipate and were tangential to the process, things to be on the look out for. We share some custom made videos and how to do that even on a grassroots, YouTube, level for every budget. Finally we discuss where we are at now, the specific outcomes, how to build a metric around near miss and how we plan on sustaining the momentum. We then open up to Q&A.

Kelly Bernish, CSP, COSS

Kelly Bernish, CSP, COSS accomplished and excellence-driven leader with a varied, highly engaged professional and volunteer career spanning more than 25 years including leading Safety, Health & Environmental teams for the Disney, SeaWorld and Anheuser-Busch Companies, founding member and Past Chairperson of Women in Safety Engineering (WISE), as well as launching her own company, Global SHE Solutions, LLC and now as Director of Safety, Security and Risk Management for the City of Fort Collins.

As a frequent invited speaker, her experience is varied including Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), The American Red Cross, International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA), OSHA Onsite Consultation Conference, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), the National Safety Council and many others.

Bernish’s passion for the SH&E field is demonstrated by her commitment to the organizations that support SH&E professionals and outreach, including volunteer leadership positions within ASSE as immediate past President of the Space Coast Chapter and past Chairperson of Women in Safety Engineering, IAAPA Safety Committee and The Alliance for Central Florida Safety as well as participation with a number of ASTM Standards writing groups. Her commitment has been recognized with multiple industry awards.