Detect Deceptive Behavior

Techniques to Detect Deceptive Behavior

This session is a detailed look at the deceptive person. If you conduct interviews or investigations of any kind, whether it is on the phone or in person, you will greatly benefit from this session. However, everyone can use this information in their personal life or in business.

This breakout session will include the physical and verbal manifestations of lying; how to create an environment where the truthful person can exist, but creates a lot of problems for the liar; how to recognize the signs of deception; how to maintain control of an interview; how to defuse the aggressive person during an interview, how to conduct a thorough interview using projection and visualization, and much more.

Rick Hinson

Rick Hinson founded Hinson Investigations in 1991. He has over 10 years’ experience in law enforcement and criminal investigations, graduating from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in 1974. He graduated from Argenbright International Institute of Polygraph in 1984 and is an expert in the field of behavior analysis and body language. He has worked with insurance adjusters, SIU professionals and attorneys for 26 years. With broad expertise the firm specializes in insurance fraud detection/prevention, behavior analysis and body language training, surveillance, polygraph examinations and background investigations.